image.png The Challenge of Social Sensemaking in Risk Social Sensemaking is available now and can be ordered by clicking on this LINK Why should someone write a book on social sensemaking? Surely we know how to make sense of our social world intuitively and with ‘common sense’? We know the truism that we are social beings, isn’t ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

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image_thumb.pngStanding on a train platform this morning I noticed that the old authoritative “STAND BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE” had been replaced with something a little more personable (see below, as opposed to ‘in front of this you get a fine’) and it reminded me of this article by Gab Carlton from a few years ago ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


clip_image002_thumb.jpgRisky Conversations Book Launch in Perth Rob Long and Greg Smith recently held their official launch of Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk in Perth. (Craig Ashhurst was unable to attend) A group of 35 people gathered at the Tradewinds Hotel in Freemantle to listen to Greg and Rob talk about the motivation and ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


clip_image002.jpgWishing our lives away.. Image: Our ‘Boot Tree’ in the back yard. Have you heard this term? Of course you have. We remote workers say it all the time, I do when trying to coach myself to a more positive mindset when having a challenging swing on site. It rings true for many regardless no matter what their work ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


image.pngSocial Sensemaking Available Now PLUS Free Share and Giveaway  Introducing Social Sensemaking Human beings have long been fascinated with the question of ‘why we do what we do?’. For some, the desire to understand this becomes a lifelong quest. For me, it was a fascination with this question that lead me to commence a ‘learning ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


image.pngSafety is the Wrong Anchor We are all shaped by starting points, what Jung called Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions (SDICs). SDIC is sometimes known as the 'butterfly effect'. This is the idea central to Chaos Theory that a simple starting point can lead to wickedity. Foundational to SDIC is that humans cannot predict the effect ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


What are Your Secret Messages in Safety?

by Dr Rob Long
safety-secret.jpgWhat are Your Secret Messages in Safety? We say and sign many things in safety often only thinking about their overt meaning. It’s not that often that people consider the unconscious level of their communications and what are the by-products, trade offs and trajectory in messages. If the language of ‘by-products’, ‘trajectory’ and ‘trade off’ were ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

The Different Levels of Wrongness!

by Gabrielle Carlton
clip_image002_thumb.png First published exactly 2 years and some current worldwide event reminded me of it. Anybody seen any Olympic style wrongness? No second chance for breaking a start early must be devastating?  The Different Levels of Wrongness! Mahiedine Mehkissi-Benabbad thought he was winning a 3,000m steeplechase at the European athletics championships but instead he was slugged with a red ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

Four Indicators of Toxic Safety Culture

by Dr Rob Long
Depositphotos_2597171_xs_thumb.jpgFour Indicators of Toxic Safety Culture When professionals get concerned about the safety culture in organisations there are a range of dispositions that indicate that things are not good. Recognising these indicators early is one of the best ways to ensure that problems are addressed. The combination of the following indicators in an organisation are a ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

Counter Intuitive Safety

by Mark Taylor
image_thumb.pngCounter Intuitive Safety Introduction Neuroscience research has revealed that our brains account for approximately two percent of our body weight, but consume about fifteen percent of our cardiac output, twenty percent of our total body oxygen and approximately twenty-five percent of our blood sugar. They are built up of hundreds of billion cells and each cell is ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

The De-Ethicization of the Object in Safety

by Dr Rob Long
image_thumb.pngThe De-Ethicization of the Object in Safety It’s obvious that objects attack people. When anything happens in an industry, the first response is to ban the object. That naughty object jumped out from nowhere and attacked me. So, it’s because objects attack people that we need to register as many objects as we can on a hazard ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

Something’s gotta give..

by Drewie
image_thumb.pngFor a little while now Drewie has been talking about moving away from safety, as we know it, (some may say she Just Isn't That Into Safety Anymore). It seems that, upon recent reflection, the time has now come. She says: “Ok so after being in a workshop this week: Intro to the 'Social Psychology of ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>